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Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Create a Christmas gift certificate template free of charge with our online gift card maker. Personalize it with your text or photos.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template Free

Select any Christmas gift card template below to create last-minute DIY Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift certificate


Christmas gift certificate template


photo gift certificate template for Christmas


Free printable christmas gift certificate template in black and white

Merry Christmas gift certificate

Free printable christmas gift certificate template

christmas gift certificate template with two cute owls on a branch

Merry Christmas greeting card

christmas gift certificate template in blue and yellowgreeting card which reads "I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year"

Printable christmas gift certificate template

Happy Holidays Free Christmas gift certificate template

Xmas gift certificate template

Free printable christmas gift certificate template in red and white

Christmas gift certificate

Merry christmas certificate

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Printable gift certificate for holiday season

Happy Holidays gift certificate template

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas gift certificate

Printable christmas gift certificate template

Holiday gift certificate template with a picture of three colored gifts

Christmas gift certificate template in green and red

Gift-Shaped Gift Card

gift box printable

Christmas Coupon Template

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How to Edit the Christmas Voucher Template

  1. Select Christmas gift voucher template from the selection above. There are many different designs available.
  2. Click on the design to choose to open the online designer. You don’t need any special software to customize it.
  3. Edit the text.
  4. When you are satisfied, download the gift card.
  5. Either print it or send it by email, WhatsApp, etc.

Benefits of Giving a Christmas Gift Certificates

Giving a gift certificate for Christmas not only makes your life easier but ensures that recipients receive the gift that they want and not the gift that you thought they would want.

Sometimes people are hesitant to give money since it might seem like they didn’t go to any trouble to get a gift. Giving a personalized gift card together with cash shows you went that extra mile and didn’t give some money to take the “easy way out”. It is beneficial for people that are saving to buy something expensive or saving toward a trip. It enables you to help them achieve their goal, which is something they might want more than any gift you can give.

Some people don’t have space to store any more gifts and might want something like a spa day or something that doesn’t need to be stored. Giving cash or a gift certificate is a perfect solution.

DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Forgot to buy someone a Christmas gift or simply didn’t have time? These Christmas gift certificates make excellent DIY last-minute Christmas gifts that you can make in under a minute. Customize a gift certificate template or coupon book and then print. If you have cardstock or heavier paper, then print on it to upgrade your gift. Cut it out and your personalized DIY Christmas gift is ready. Nobody will know it was the last minute or took only a minute to make!

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