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Love Coupons

Free love coupon template that you can edit with our free coupon maker for a girlfriend or boyfriend. Create free custom love coupons or a DIY coupon book for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

printable and editable love coupons

Free Printable and Editable Love Coupons

Free love coupons for him or for her. You can also make them for a couple. Use our free online love coupon maker to edit before you print.

How to Make a Coupon Book for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, or Wife

Step 1: Make a Cover for the Coupon Book.

love coupon book

Make a coupon book

Step 2: Edit the Love Coupons.

Decide what you want to write on your blank love coupons for him or her (see ideas below). You can make as many coupons as you want. There are four per page.

Click on the colors you want to use. You can mix and match the colors or make them all the same color.

You can add any additional text, such as an expiration date.

coupon book for boyfriend

Love Coupons

love coupons for him

Love coupon book


Step 3: Print.

You can print the coupons on paper, but the cover should be printed on cardstock.

Step 4: Cut out each love coupon.

Step 5: Bind them together to create a coupon book.

Punch a hole on the left side of each coupon. Try to punch a few at a time to ensure that the holes are in the same place. Tie them together with a pretty ribbon to create professional-looking yet personalized love coupon books.

Love Coupon Ideas

Each love coupon is editable so you can decide what you want to give the recipient. You know what he or she will like but here are some coupon book ideas:

  • Backrub
  • Massage
  • Long foot rub
  • Spa day (if you are on a tight budget, you can make a spa day at home. If you have small kids, you can send your spouse on a spa day while you look after them).
  • Home-cooked meal
  • No chores all-day
  • No arguing all-day
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Afternoon nap
  • Sleep late without disturbances
  • Movie night with a movie or show of your choice
  • Dinner of your choice
  • Meal at a favorite restaurant
  • Control of the remote
  • Weekend getaway
  • Cuddle time
  • Unlimited hugs and kisses for a day
  • Shopping spree
  • Romantic picnic
  • Date night
  • No dishes for a day/week
  • No laundry for a day/week
  • Dessert night
  • Create a time capsule together
  • Sex coupons (we won’t give you sex coupon ideas but you know what your spouse likes).

You can also add blank coupons and let your partner choose a gift (if you don’t think it is too risky).

Love Coupons for Him

Since these love coupons are customizable, you can use them to create love coupons for him or for her. You can select the black or blue & green coupon template. Fill in whatever you think he will enjoy and create a coupon book for him.

love coupons for him

A coupon book is a great gift that doesn’t cost anything to make (besides the ink and paper). You can make it for any occasion during the year or as Valentine’s Day coupons before Valentine’s Day.

Anniversary Coupon Template

You can use these to make anniversary coupons for a couple celebrating their anniversary. It can either be made for the couple (by a child) or for him or her (by partner). Make gifts that the couple can enjoy together. For example, breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner, etc.

Love Gift Certificate Template

Love Gift Certificate Template

Create Endearing Moments with Personalized Love Coupons

Love coupons are a unique way to express your feelings and commitment to your partner. They offer a personalized touch to your gestures of love, allowing you to share special experiences and favors that come straight from the heart. Our customizable love coupon templates help you craft these intimate tokens of affection with ease and creativity.

The Charm of Custom Love Coupons

Personalized Experiences: Whether it’s a home-cooked dinner, a massage, or a day out together, love coupons can encapsulate all the small and big promises you want to make to your partner.

Long-Lasting Memories: Unlike material gifts, the experiences and moments created through redeeming love coupons become cherished memories that strengthen your bond.

Fun and Playful: Designing and redeeming these coupons adds a playful element to your relationship, keeping the romance lively and exciting.

Designing Your Love Coupons

Tailor-Made Templates: Choose from a wide range of romantic and charming templates that can be customized to suit your relationship’s personality.

Add a Personal Touch: Customize each coupon with specific promises or gestures you know your partner will love. The more personal it is, the more special it will feel.

High-Quality Print Options: Print your love coupons on quality paper to give them a premium feel, making each coupon a special keepsake.

Ideas for Your Love Coupons

  • Acts of Service: Offer to take over a chore your partner dislikes, promising a day off from their routine tasks.
  • Quality Time: Create a coupon for an uninterrupted evening together, doing whatever they choose, be it watching a movie or stargazing.
  • Special Dates: Promise a date night at their favorite restaurant or tickets to a show they’ve been wanting to see.
  • Personal Growth: Encourage your partner’s hobbies or goals with a coupon for a class or workshop they’ve shown interest in.
  • Adventure Together: For the thrill-seekers, a coupon for an adventurous activity like hiking or a weekend getaway can be exciting.
  • Relaxation: Offer a pampering session, like a spa day or a long bath with no interruptions, for ultimate relaxation.
  • Compliments Galore: “A coupon redeemable any time for a shower of genuine compliments to brighten their day and boost their confidence.”
  • Breakfast Bonanza: “Surprise your partner with a coupon for a sumptuous homemade breakfast or brunch spread prepared by you.”
  • Dance the Night Away: “A special coupon for a private dance session at home or a night out dancing to their favorite music.”
  • Starlight Picnic: “An enchanting evening under the stars with a coupon for a romantic nighttime picnic at a scenic spot.”
  • Culinary Challenge: “A fun coupon inviting your partner to a cook-off where you both create a dish, bringing some playful competition to the kitchen.”
  • Digital Detox Day: “Gift a day free from screens and digital distractions, focusing on reconnecting and enjoying each other’s company.”
  • Memory Lane: “A coupon for a day to revisit the places that are significant in your relationship, like where you had your first date or first kiss.”
  • Cultural Exploration: “Encourage an appreciation for the arts with a coupon for a visit to a museum, art gallery, or a live theater performance.”
  • Serenade Surprise: “Offer to perform a heartfelt song or a serenade for your partner, making for a personal and intimate musical gift.”
  • Fitness Fun: “For the health-conscious partner, a coupon for a joint workout session, yoga class, or a scenic bike ride.”
  • Dream Day Planner: “A coupon that lets your partner be the boss of the day, deciding every activity from dawn till dusk.”
  • Stargazing Soiree: “A celestial coupon for a night of stargazing, complete with a telescope and constellations map.”
  • Sundae Funday: “A sweet treat coupon for building the ultimate ice cream sundae together with all their favorite toppings.”
  • Conversation Starters: “A coupon that promises a night of deep conversation, with thoughtful questions and uninterrupted time to talk.”
  • Home Cinema Night: “Transform your living room into a movie theater and let them choose the film lineup for the evening.”

Our love coupon templates are designed to help you express your affection in creative and meaningful ways. They are a delightful reminder of the joys and love you share with your partner. Start designing your love coupons today and watch your relationship blossom with every coupon redeemed.

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