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Photography Gift Certificate Template

The following photography gift certificate template printables are for personal or commercial use. You can replace the photo with your photo. For personal use, you can use a picture of your family. For commercial use, you can use a photo of your business or something related to it. For example, a photographer can use a photo that she took; a bakery can use a picture of its goods; a restaurant can use a photo of the restaurant or one of the dishes. All the text can be customized as well.

gift certificate template



gift certificate template in shades of orange. This example has a photo of cupcakes but the photo can be replaced. Suitable for bakery or any other business if the photo is customized.


gift certificate in gold


gift certificate in shades of turquoise and green with a picture of a family. You can use any photo.


gift certificate with a photo of a family perfect to give a personalized gift certificate from your family.


gift certificate template in shades of yellow and green. It has a photo of a young girl but the photo can be customized.


gift certificate template with red velvet cupcakes


gift certificate template with a photo of a little boy. Could be used by photographers or businesses for children related products although the photo can be replaced and it can be used for any business.

How to Edit the Gift Certificate Template:

How to Add a Photo to a Template

  1. Select the template that you want to use.
  2. Click on it to open the free gift certificate maker.
  3. Click on “click to upload image” and select your image.
  4. Drag the image to cover the entire area if you have some blank space showing. You might also need to drag the image to change its position.

How to Edit the Text

  1. Double click on the text to edit it.
  2. Either type your text or go to “font and styles” above and change the text there.

How to Download

Click on the cloud icon to download the gift card.


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How can a photographer use gift certificates to increase sales

Using gift certificates can be an effective strategy for photographers to increase sales and attract new clients. Here are some ways a photographer can use gift certificates to boost their business:

  • Gift Certificate Promotions: Offer special promotions or discounts on gift certificates, such as buy-one-get-one-free or a percentage off the face value. This encourages customers to purchase certificates as gifts for friends and family, increasing your customer base and potential bookings. For example, if you buy one photography session for yourself you can get a free session for a friend.
  • Targeted Marketing: Utilize targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential customers who may be interested in purchasing gift certificates. This can be done through online advertising, social media promotions, email newsletters, or collaborations with local businesses that can help promote your gift certificates.
  • Seasonal or Occasion-based Offers: Create themed gift certificates for specific seasons or occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s and Father’s Day. Tailor your promotions and imagery to match the event and highlight how your photography services can make a memorable gift.
  • Referral Programs: Encourage your existing clients to refer others by offering them gift certificates as rewards for successful referrals. This not only increases the chances of getting new customers but also generates additional sales from the gift certificate redemption.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Create a sense of urgency by offering limited-time discounts or promotions on gift certificates. This can motivate customers to make a purchase sooner rather than later, driving immediate sales and bookings.
  • Upselling and Add-ons: Provide options for customers to upgrade their gift certificates or add additional services or products. For example, offer premium packages, extended sessions, or print bundles at discounted rates when combined with the gift certificate purchase. This increases the overall sales value and encourages customers to spend more.
  • Collaboration with Local Businesses: Partner with other local businesses, such as wedding planners, event organizers, or boutique stores, to offer joint promotions or bundled packages. This expands your reach and allows you to tap into their customer base, increasing the likelihood of gift certificate sales.
  • Provide a Memorable Experience: Ensure that the gift certificate experience is seamless and professional. Design attractive and well-branded gift certificates that reflect your photography style. Additionally, offer exceptional customer service to those redeeming the certificates, providing a positive experience that encourages repeat business.

Remember to track the effectiveness of your gift certificate campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Regularly review and analyze your sales data to identify trends and refine your strategies to maximize your sales potential.