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coupon book

Once you have used the coupon maker to customize and create coupons, you might want to create a cover to make your own coupon book. You can do this using our coupon book template below.

  1. Select a coupon template and create a selection of coupons. Either mix and match the colors or make all the coupons in the same color. Do not cut off the flap on the left-hand side.
  2. Select a coordinating cover. Click on it to open the coupon maker and customize the cover. Add a title and a message that will appear on the back of the coupon book.
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coupon template


3. Print the cover.

4. Cut on the solid lines.

5. Fold on the dotted line in the middle (back-to-back).

6. Insert the coupons into the folded cover.

make a coupon book

7. Punch a hole or two or staple together. Make sure that when you bind the book, you bind both the cover and the coupons together. If you punch a hole then tie it up with a pretty ribbon.

This is a great gift to make when money is tight or when you want to add a free gift for that extra touch. It only takes a few minutes to make and looks professional even though it is homemade. Print the cover on heavy paper to make it look store-bought.

You can insert as many coupons as you want, so use your imagination and get creative!

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