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Gift Card Template

20 free gift card templates. Scroll down until you find one you love!

Click on any image to open the gift card generator. You can edit the back and front of each gift card template. You can also add a logo and additional text. Once you have edited it, you can print it to create your own personalized gift cards for free!

Free Gift Cards

Black and gold gift certificate

gold gift certificate with gold chevron background


gold gift certificate with a red bow

red polka dot gift card

gift certificate with ribbon and bow

Black polka dot gift card

gift card with pink flowers

gift certificate with pink stripes and pink flowers

gift card with a red ribbon

gift card template with gold dots

Gold polka dot customizable gift card

Navy blue gift card with stars

Vintage style gift card template

A gold gift card template with black ribbons

gold gift card template with gold diagonal stripes

gift card template with a cremem textured background and a round design with little gold hearts

gold and black gift card with a gold glitter border

gift card with a blue border and blue glitter

Design Your Own Gift Cards with Ease

Gift cards are a versatile and appreciated gift for any occasion, and our customizable templates make it simple to create your own. Whether you’re a business owner looking to offer gift cards to customers or you’re crafting a personal gift, our templates provide a professional look with minimal effort.

How to Use Our Gift Card Templates

  1. Select a Template: Choose from a wide range of styles, from minimalist to festive, to find the perfect backdrop for your gift card.
  2. Add Personal Touches: Customize the template by adding personal messages, choosing fonts, or adjusting colors to match your brand or the occasion.
  3. Incorporate Branding: Easily upload your business logo or select from our image library to make your gift card instantly recognizable.
  4. Specify Gift Card Details: Clearly outline the value, terms, and conditions directly on the card to ensure recipients understand how to redeem it.
  5. Print or Share Digitally: Print your gift cards for physical use or save them for digital distribution to reach customers near and far.

Effective Tips for Gift Card Design

  • Value Visibility: Ensure the value of the gift card is prominently displayed for easy recognition.
  • Consistent Branding: Keep your design consistent with your brand image to reinforce brand awareness.
  • Clarity of Use: Provide clear instructions on where and how the gift card can be redeemed.
  • Security Features: Consider adding security measures like unique barcodes or serial numbers to prevent duplication and fraud.

Ideas for Gift Card Usage

  • Retail Promotions: Boost sales and attract customers by offering gift cards redeemable for products or services.
  • Customer Appreciation: Show gratitude to loyal customers with gift cards as a token of thanks.
  • Personal Gifts: Create a custom gift card for loved ones, allowing them the freedom to choose their own gift.
  • Employee Incentives: Use gift cards as incentives or rewards for employees to motivate and appreciate their hard work.

Maximizing Gift Card Impact

  • Bundle Deals: Offer gift cards as part of a bundle deal to increase the perceived value of purchases.
  • Holiday Specials: Tailor gift card designs for holidays and special events to capitalize on seasonal shopping.
  • Referral Rewards: Encourage customers to refer friends by offering gift cards as referral incentives.
  • Social Media Contests: Utilize gift cards as prizes for social media contests to engage with your audience and increase visibility.

Crafting your own gift cards has never been easier. With our templates, you can ensure your gift cards are not only functional but also a reflection of care and professionalism.

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