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Printable Gift Certificate Templates

Free gift certificate template pages that you can customize online with our free gift certificate maker.

two sides
gift shaped
With photos
For businesses

Gift Certificate Template – Free

Once you open the gift certificate maker, you will see a wide selection of templates that you can customize. Select a template that looks closest to the design that you want, and then you can change every part of the template. You can replace the photos, change the color of each section, move items around, etc.

Click on any image to open the gift certificate creator.

Make your Own Gift Certificate

The following templates are only samples. Every element can be changed including colors, fonts, text, images, etc. If you are looking for a one-step ready-made printable where all you can change is the text then scroll down below.

Double-Sided DIY Gift Certificates

You can replace the images with your own photos or any photo from the gallery with millions of images.

Sample for a bakery showing two cupcakes but photos can be replaced
Sample gift certificate template with a polka dot design on the left and a grey background

Open Gift Certificate Maker

Elegant design with gold washi
Gold shapes with camera icon for photographer
Watercolor background
Restaurant voucher but can be used for any purpose. It shows a hamburger but you can swap the images.
Blue with black stripes and a camera icon
Hairdresser gift card

Customize Online

Ready-Made Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Templates

Whereas each item can be customized, in the templates above, the following templates as not as flexible. You select a design and change the text only. Some prefer this option as it is simpler. If you like the design then all you need to do is customize the text with no fuss. If you are looking for more flexibility, then open the gift certificate maker as there are thousands of options there since everything is customizable.

  1. Select a generic free printable gift certificate template from the selection below. They are all free and suitable for any occasion.
  2. Customize the text.
  3. Download or print (free).

Four sample gift certificate templates that you can customize on this site

Customize Online

Examples of gift certificates that you can customize

Customize Online

gift certificate maker

Customize Online

gift certificates that are customizable on this site

Gift Shaped

Select the design that you like and customize it before you print. Either cut out the gift shape or cut it into a square shape to create a unique personalized gift certificate. You can customize the free gift certificate template pages with our text. Delete any text you don’t want to use and edit the rest. Add your business’s name and contact details.

gift certificate template in lavender



black, white and grey gift certificate template in the shape of a gift box



blue gift shape with a blue ribbon around the gift



gift box printable



gift voucher in the shape of a gift in orange

If you have a Cricut cutting machine, you can use it to cut the gift shape. When you have finished customizing the gift card, download it in image format (SVG, jpg, or png) and then cut it with your Cricut machine.

Square Shaped

Square shaped

gift certificate template

Although the text on all gift certificate templates on this site is customizable on these gift certificates, you can change the color of the background as well.

5 Design Templates

gift voucher with a black and white design made with small black triangles

gold background with a white square in the middle

Black geometric design with a white background

Template for gift certificate

blank stripes in the background with a white square behind the text

To change the color of the background, click on it and then select a color.


Make your own gift certificate free printable with any of the gift certificate template pages above. 

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