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Spa and Massage Gift Certificates

Free massage gift certificate template and spa gift certificate template that you can customize online before you print.

Spa Gift Certificate

Spa Gift Certificate Template

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spa gift voucher

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Massage Gift Certificate Template

Select any DIY massage gift certificate to customize. All the text is customizable. You can also add your own logo if you have one. Create a gift certificate that looks like it was professionally created.

massage therapy gift certificate

diy massage gift certificate template

massage gift card

gift certificates for massage

free blank massage gift certificates

massage gift certificates

Don’t forget to add terms and conditions to the massage coupon template. See voucher terms and conditions template.

Spa gift certificates

Pamper someone special with these free printable gift certificate templates that you can customize according to your needs. Add your text, message, and a description of the gift that the recipient will receive. You can change the text and even add your image/s. If the certificates will be used by a place of business, then you can add your company name and logo.

Once you have customized the template, you can either send it to the recipient by email or print it and give it to him/her. You can print it on standard paper, but it will look more professional if printed on cardstock or quality paper.

Sample Uses for these gift certificate templates

Professional massage therapist or spa

If you are a professional massage therapist or you own your own business, you can sell these gift certificates which can later be redeemed by the recipient. You can add your name or the name of your business. You can also add your company logo if you have one. If you are going to add a company logo then it should be in gif or PNG format with a transparent background. This will create a more professional looking gift voucher. However, if the logo is a rectangular shape then there is no need for the background to be transparent. Select the design that best matches your business color scheme or the one that you like best. Don’t forget to add a validity date to ensure that the massage gift certificate template is redeemed by a specific date.

These gift vouchers can be used by businesses related to makeup, beauty (such as for a facial or facials), reflexology, chiropractic, etc.

As a gift to someone you love

Are you are looking for a free gift idea for someone you love? Why not give a spa gift certificate which can be redeemed for a back rub, home spa experience, or a day of spoiling. It is the perfect romantic gift for someone special.

What can these massage gift vouchers be used for?

They can be used for any special occasion or no occasion at all except to let someone know how much you care! Give them to someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s day.

Massage Gift Card

To make a massage gift card select any template from the selection above or from the selection of generic gift certificates. To add a photo of someone having a massage see the directions below.

Massage gift card

How to Add a Photo to Your Gift Certificate or Gift Card

  1. If the template has a photo click on it to add your own. If it doesn’t then click on “Add Photo”.
  2. To upload your photo, click on the cloud icon.
  3. To add a photo from the gallery, click on the icon on the right. Type a description in the search box. For example, to create a massage gift certificate, type “massage”.
  4. Select an image.
  5. Make the image larger or smaller if necessary. Drag until the position is right.

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  1. I would love to print out one of your spa gift certificate designs. But when I choose it, it instructs me to “pin it”. I’m not able to get to the customizing at all….what’s up?

  2. I’m having the same issue. It is still greyed out & only allows you to “Pin it” on Pinterest, however downloading it is not an option.

    • Hilary,
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      In an effort to help I added a link from the gift certificate template itself as well as from the customize button. I hope that this will solve the problem for you.


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