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Halloween Gift Certificates

Halloween is a time of giving but you don’t have to give candy loaded with sugar, calories, and food coloring. Halloween gift certificates can be the perfect solution to give trick-or-treaters without giving them unhealthy candy. Halloween gift cards are also handy when you don’t mind giving candy but simply run out.

You can also give a gift card to the winner of a Halloween costume contest. Since the text is editable, you can create a gift card for each award such as the most unique costume, the worst costume, the scariest costume, etc.

Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

Customize the text on these gift certificate templates for any purpose such as Halloween cards, gift certificates, or invitations.

Halloween printable

Spooky card

Halloween card

Spooky printable

Halloween printable

Halloween greeting cards

Halloween greeting card

Halloween cards

Halloween gift ideas

Halloween gift idea

Halloween gift certificate

Halloween gift certificate template

How to Customize the Gift Certificates

  1. Click on any image to open the gift card maker.
  2. Select any Halloween gift certificate template. There are 12 different designs.
  3. Edit the text. You can add additional text if you want to.
  4. Download and print.