Anniversary Gift Certificate Templates

Anniversary Gift Vouchers

Free Printable Anniversary Gift Vouchers

Here are 8 gift certificate templates for an anniversary or wedding. Anniversary vouchers make great gifts as they are easy to make and use with any gift. Print on cardstock or paper if you don’t have cardstock for your printer.

Anniversary Coupon Template

These templates have two rings. They are suitable for a wedding or anniversary gift card.
Anniversary gift certificate template

Anniversary gift certificate with a picture of two rings


Generic Romantic Templates

The following gift card templates can be used for other purposes as well, such as Valentine’s Day, for a loved one’s birthday or just to tell someone how much you love him.

gift certificate template with hearts

Wedding gift voucher

Anniversary gift idea

Wedding gift certificate template

Anniversary gift certificate voucher


Anniversary Certificate Template

You can customize the text on the template and use it for any purpose. For example, if you want to congratulate a couple on 20 years of marriage, you can type that message instead of the dummy text. You can add additional text to the section with the photo. For example, you can write “Happy 20th Anniversary” or any other message you want.

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