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Christmas Coupon Templates

Make your Own Coupon Book for Christmas Gifts!

Free Christmas coupon template to create free Christmas gifts with our online Christmas coupon maker.

Christmas coupon book

The following Christmas coupon book template can be customized to create Christmas coupons as gifts or stocking stuffers. You can add Holiday greetings to the coupons or the covers since all text can be customized.

How to Create a Free Christmas Coupon Book

  1. Select a Coupon Template

coupon template

  coupon creator   chalkboard coupon  make a coupon

If you want to save on ink then print this blank coupon template on red paper or any other color. You can even use paper with a holiday pattern.

blank coupon template

2. Edit Text

3. Download and/or Print

4. Create a cover for the coupon book.

coupon template coupon book template coupon book make a coupon

3. Print the cover.

4. Cut on the solid lines.

5. Fold on the dotted line in the middle (back to back).

6. Insert the coupons into the folded cover.

make a coupon book

7. Close the cover and either staple the cover and coupons or punch a hole and tie together with a pretty ribbon.

Christmas coupon template

Spread the Joy with Personalized Christmas Coupons

Christmas is a time of giving, and our customizable Christmas coupon templates help you give something truly personal and special. Whether you’re looking to create unique stocking stuffers, provide clients with festive discounts, or simply want to offer heartfelt promises to friends and family, our templates are your go-to resource for spreading holiday cheer.

How to Create Your Christmas Coupons

  1. Choose Your Template: Select from our festive range of Christmas-themed templates to capture the spirit of the season in your coupons.
  2. Personalize Your Message: Add your own offers, from homemade dinner to a day of snowman building, or a special discount on your services.
  3. Customize the Design: Use our tools to change colors, add holiday imagery, or upload your own pictures to make each coupon unique.
  4. Print or Digital: Decide how you want to share your coupons – print them out for a physical gift or send them digitally as a thoughtful e-surprise.

Creative Coupon Ideas for Everyone on Your List

  • For Family: Promise a family game night, an extra hour of sleep, or a chore-free day.
  • For Friends: Offer a coffee catch-up, a home-cooked meal, or a movie marathon.
  • For Clients: Give discounts on services, a free consultation, or an exclusive holiday package.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Christmas Coupon

  • Be Thoughtful: Think about what the recipient truly values. Time spent together may be worth more than material gifts.
  • Be Specific: Vague promises can be confusing. Be clear about what the coupon offers, including any terms and conditions.
  • Be Festive: Use traditional Christmas colors, add holiday icons like trees or stars, and consider using festive fonts.
  • Be Sustainable: Consider the environment by using recycled paper for printed coupons or opting for digital versions.

Making Your Coupons Stand Out

  • Handwrite Part of the Coupon: Adding a handwritten note can make the coupon feel more personal and heartfelt.
  • Include an Expiry Date: This can encourage the recipient to use their special gift and also adds a realistic touch.
  • Present Creatively: Bundle your coupons in a handmade envelope, roll them into a festive scroll, or hide them within a Christmas cracker for an element of surprise.

This holiday season, go beyond the conventional presents and create something as unique as the people in your life with our Christmas coupon templates.

Christmas Coupon Ideas

  1. “Good for one day of holiday decorating together—tinsel and tunes included!”
  2. “Redeem for a homemade holiday meal of your choice—roast, pie, and all the trimmings!”
  3. “One evening of wrapping gifts while enjoying hot cocoa and your favorite Christmas movie.”
  4. “Valid for one session of baking and decorating Christmas cookies—sprinkles galore!”
  5. “This coupon entitles you to a winter wonderland walk and a cup of warm mulled wine.”
  6. “Redeem for a Christmas market adventure, with a treat and hot drink on me.”
  7. “Good for one Christmas Eve storytelling night, featuring classic tales and new favorites.”
  8. “A cozy night in with board games and holiday cheer—popcorn and laughter included.”
  9. “Entitles bearer to one holiday playlist curation for setting the perfect festive mood.”
  10. “Valid for a sleigh ride or a snowball fight—your choice of winter fun!”
  11. “Redeem this for a ‘choose your own’ Christmas movie marathon—complete with snacks.”
  12. “Good for an afternoon crafting homemade ornaments and Christmas memories.”
  13. “This coupon is for one special holiday breakfast in bed—pajamas required.”
  14. “Entitles you to a personalized holiday story written by me, featuring you as the hero!”
  15. “Redeem for a festive picnic, even if it’s indoors, complete with holiday treats.”
  16. “One evening of caroling, cocoa, and creating new Christmas traditions.”
  17. “This coupon is good for an afternoon of volunteering together at a local charity.”
  18. “Valid for a surprise holiday-themed scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.”
  19. “Good for one ‘elf day’ where I help you with any holiday preparations or errands.”
  20. “Redeem for a Christmas craft session—materials and creativity provided by Santa’s helper (me).”

These ideas aim to add a personal and festive touch to the Christmas coupons, offering a variety of experiences and acts of service that can bring joy and create lasting memories during the holiday season.

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