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Gift Vouchers

Our gift voucher templates provide a professional and enjoyable way to create gifts that are both personal and practical. They are an ideal solution for making sure your present is exactly what the recipient desires. Design a gift voucher today and give the gift of choice!

Free printable gift vouchers with customisable text. There are 20 different designs available. Choose the gift voucher template that you would like to use and customise it with your own text and company logo. You can edit the text, move it around and make it bigger or smaller.

Gift Voucher Template

Select a free customizable gift voucher template and click on it to open the gift voucher maker.

Voucher template

Gift voucher with a white background and gold text and gold hearts

Pastel watercolour stripes with a white background

Orange and grey

Free printable gift voucher with a chalkboard background and pretty flowers

Light blue and tan

Stripes of gold

Blackboard background and a wreath of pretty flowers

Gift voucher with paper flowers in shades of pink

Stripes in different shades of pastel colors with text that can be personalised.

Black and gold voucher with a gold ribbon and space to add a photo of your business or you logo

Blue and green template with customisable text.

Gift voucher in shades of purple. All text can be customised.

Template in blue with stripes and a blue ribbon. The denomination can be changed.

A free printable gift voucher with space for a photo of the business

Grey and green

elegant design in black and white with black and white stripes

Silver glitter with black background and a pink flower

Shades of tan

Two gift vouchers in two different shades of blue (light blue and navy)

Gift Voucher Text

If you are going to use the gift vouchers for your business then it is important to add terms and conditions to the gift voucher text. See sample terms and conditions.


Create Custom Gift Vouchers for Any Occasion

Gift vouchers are a versatile and thoughtful way to show appreciation and celebrate special occasions. With our range of gift voucher templates, you can design a personalized token that offers a world of choice to the recipient. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking to give a special present, our templates cater to every need.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

Diverse Designs: Choose from an extensive collection of templates that fit any theme—from minimalist and professional to fun and festive. Select a style that aligns with your brand or personal sentiment.

Simple Customization: Add essential details like the voucher value, conditions of use, and expiration date with our user-friendly interface. Personalize the text, colors, and images to match your vision.

High-Quality Output: Print your vouchers on quality paper to give a premium feel, or choose a digital version for eco-friendly convenience and quick delivery.

Crafting Your Gift Voucher

Template Variety: Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, spa, retail, or a general-purpose voucher, our templates can be adapted to suit any service or product offering.

Easy Editing: Our online editor allows you to customize your chosen template with ease—no design skills necessary. Just fill in the details, and you’re set.

Instant Sharing: Save time with the ability to share your vouchers instantly via email or social media, or print them out for a classic, tangible gift.

Certainly, here’s an expanded version of the “Ideas for Using Gift Vouchers” section:

Ideas for Using Gift Vouchers:

Customer Rewards: Enhance your customer engagement by designing vouchers as a reward for repeat business or as a surprise in a customer loyalty program. They’re also a great tool for referral programs, encouraging customers to spread the word about your business in exchange for a voucher.

Seasonal Promotions: Capitalize on holiday shopping by offering themed vouchers for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Seasonal promotions can drive sales during peak times and introduce new customers to your products or services.

Special Occasions: Tailor vouchers for personal milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. They provide a personalized touch that shows thought and care went into the gift, especially when you align the voucher with the recipient’s interests.

Employee Incentives: Recognize the dedication of your team with vouchers that can be used for a variety of experiences, from dining out to entertainment, wellness, or even travel. It’s a tangible way to acknowledge their contributions and boost morale.

Marketing Giveaways: Use gift vouchers as part of your marketing campaigns or social media contests. They’re perfect for attracting attention to your brand and can be a cost-effective form of advertising.

Charity and Auctions: Offer gift vouchers for charity raffles or auctions. It’s a method to contribute to good causes while also gaining exposure for your business.

Last-Minute Gifts: Gift vouchers are lifesavers for those last-minute occasions when you don’t have the time to shop for a personalized gift. They can be quickly selected, customized, and delivered, making for a convenient yet thoughtful present.

Experiential Gifts: For a gift that keeps on giving, vouchers for experiences like wine tastings, cooking classes, or adventure sports make for exciting gifts that offer memories to last a lifetime.

Subscription Services: In the era of streaming and subscription boxes, vouchers for a month or year of service can introduce someone to a new favorite pastime or indulgence.

Custom Packages: Allow customers to bundle different services or products together with a voucher that can be applied to a package deal. This works well for spas, restaurants, or entertainment venues.

With a gift voucher, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re providing an experience, a memory, and an opportunity. Utilize our customizable templates to create vouchers that will be as enjoyable to give as they are to receive.