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Father’s Day Quotes

A list of meaningful Father’s Day Quotes to show your dad how much you appreciate him!

We all want to appreciate our dad, but finding the right words can be challenging. Whether you’re adding a personalized inscription to a gift certificate or a card or crafting up the ideal Instagram caption or text message, you want to spend some extra time to ensure the words are meaningful. To help you prepare for father’s day, we’ve rounded some of the best quotes- from silly and light-hearted to sentimental and sweet.

Regardless of how much one tries, it’s simply impossible to thank our fathers for their sacrifices and support. So, how about gifting them with something that won’t collect dust, wilt, or be thrown away? Show your dad how important he is with meaningful words – incredible father’s day quotes that remind them that they’re the most important people in all of your life or create free DIY coupons for dad.

Free Happy Father’s Day Quotes

In most cases, fathers are the pillar, shoulder to cry on, guide, friend, counselor, or even Santa Claus, and hence should be celebrated. Thus, the third Sunday of June every year has been set for father’s day to cherish their contribution to raising kids. To treasure the fatherhood journey and the indestructible bond kids have with their dads, here are the best meaningful Father’s day quotes:

Unconditional Love Father’s Day Quotes

Becoming a father brings the greatest joy in the world. The love for a child and the ambition to nurture their development makes you do anything for them. It might sound unreal but that what’s fatherhood does to you. Here are some quotes to appreciate your father’s, unconditional love:

  • A father is an ordinary man turned into an adventurer, hero, singer of songs, and storyteller by love
  • A single day isn’t enough to honor the person you are in our lives, because you are a truly amazing father every single day of the year.
  • Fatherly love is the act of giving your life for the sake of your children’s needs
  • A dad is a person who carries photos where his money used to be
  • A father’s heart is the masterpiece of nature
  • It’s not flesh and blood that makes a person a father, but the heart

Father’s day quotes for guidance

Celebrate that man who held your hands, taught you how to walk, worked selflessly for the family, and did anything for you to smile with these lovely quotes:

  • You’re more than just a dad- you’re a guide, friend, and an excellent trekking companion
  • One dad is more than hundreds of schoolmasters
  • When your father doesn’t have your hand, he has your back
  • Fathers offer a hard place from which to launch and a safe landing space
  • A father adopts the role of fatherhood so that his children will have something infinitely crucial and mythical- a protector
  • What a person becomes depends on what your dad taught you at odd moments, when he wasn’t even trying to teach you. You’re formed by his little scraps of wisdom
  • Good dads do three things; they nurture, they provide and they guide. You have never failed us—you’re my hero
  • My father taught me how to be a man though I was his daughter. Now I’m a strong and independent woman because I had an amazing person like you in my life. I can’t thank you enough. Happy father’s day!

Humorous father’s day quotes

Want to put a smile on your old man’s face? These funny father’s day quotes should do the trick:

  • A father is a person you look up to regardless of how tall you grow
  • You give your dad some cash and tells him to buy something that makes his life easier- he goes out and buys a present for his wife
  • When a man realizes that his father was right, he normally has a son who thinks he’s wrong

Father’s day quotes for role models

Typically, a child follows his or her parent’s example. To appreciate the role your father played in molding you, here are father’s day quotes for those role models:

  • A father is a person that doesn’t tell you how to live. He lives, and allows you to watch him do it
  • I have a hero, I call him DAD
  • When I am at my best, I’m my father’s daughter. I love you DAD
  • A dad is not an anchor that holds you back or a sail that takes you there, but a shining, guiding light whose love will show you the way
  • Fathers are like stars- they’re a brightly shining example and happy twinkling in your heart
  • To the world, you’re a father, but to your kids, you’re their world.
  • I am as lucky as I could ever be, because the best Dad belongs to me

Inspirational father’s day quotes

If you want to express admiration for your dad, an inspirational quote would be an excellent way to start. Here are some quotes you can share with him:

  • A dad offers you the greatest gift anyone can ever give you- he believes in you
  • The power of a father in the life of his children is unparalleled
  • The quality of a dad is seen in the goals, aspirations, and dreams he sets not only for himself but for his children
  • A dad is the standard against which his daughter judges all men
  • Being a father of a nation is an honor but being the father of a family is great joy
  • An excellent dad is one of the most un-praised, unnoticed, unsung, and yet one of the most valuable heroes in society.
  • A mom gives you the drive but a dad gives you your dreams- thanks to him, you can see a future

Additional father’s day quote: Acronym FATHER

Friendship- the one truest friend

Affection- always displaying your love for us

Teacher- has been and still is the best life teacher

Humor- displays and shows me the importance of laughter

Enthusiasm- always encouraged and never discouraged

Role model- sets an example for us to follow

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